Presbyterian Scholars Conference

CFH members may also be interested in knowing about the Presbyterian Scholars Conference.

It is taking place October 23-24 in Wheaton, Illinois.

The theme of the conference is “Presbyterian Renewal: Exploring the Past and Looking to the Future”

Speakers include George Marsden (Notre Dame), Karen Peterson Finch (Whitworth), Bradley J. Longfield (Dubuque), Mark Noll (Notre Dame), James Edwards (Whitworth), Darryl Hart (Hillsdale) and many more.

Leading scholars of American religion will offer important analysis of American Presbyterianism.

There will be papers presented and round table discussions on “Presbyterian Unity” and the “Future of Presbyterian Theological Education.”

The conference will also celebrate and discuss George Marsden’s landmark book Reforming Fundamentalism: Fuller Seminary and the New Evangelicalism.

Registration is $50: You can pay in advance or at the door.

For Registration, contact Jeff McDonald,

The program schedule is available here.